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Das “World of Handpans” – Netzwerk

“World of Handpans” ist ein Zusammenschluss von Handspan-Liebhabern, Musikern, Lehrern und Instrumentenbauern aus ganz Europa. Unser Ansatz ist, gemeinsam das noch recht junge Musikinstrument weiter in die Welt zu bringen, miteinander und aneinander zu wachsen. Gemeinsam werden Träume war.

Alles begann im Frühjahr 2019, als sich Emanuel, Hauptinitiator von WoH, auf den Weg machte, die Entstehung von Hang Instrumenten zu ergründen. Er war so angetan von der Magie und der Wirkung des Sounds, dass in ihm das Bedürfnis entstand, die Geburt des Klanges mit zu erleben und selbst das Bauen zu erlernen. So kam er in Kontakt und Austausch mit einigen Herstellern in ganz Europa und entdeckte eine ungeahnte Klangvielfalt. Denn jeder Soundskulpteur hat seine ganz eigenen Herangehensweisen, Prozesse und Methoden entwickelt. Jede Entscheidung die ein Tuner beim Bauen trifft hat einen wichtigen Einfluss auf die finale Skulpturierung des Klanges. Das macht die Welt der Handpans so vielseitig.

Über uns

You are a tuner yourself and want to make your instruments accessible to a wider audience? We would be happy to include your artwork in our assortment.

We are always looking for experienced handpan players who represent our handpans in their region and offer interested parties the opportunity to try them out and advise them on their purchase process. You have experience and some background knowledge about the handpan and want to share it with others? Then you are invited to become part of our growing network of representatives.
Feel free to write us a message.

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Our philosophies 


We do not see ourselves as conventional dealers. Sure, we sell instruments and equipment and of course a sustainable project also needs an economic component. We see this as a means to an end and not as the purpose of our business.
Unser Antrieb und Motivation ist aber der Mehrwert, den wir für Instrumentenbauer, Handpan-Spieler, Lehrer, Musikbegeisterte und nicht zuletzt zum Erhalt der Klangvielfalt beitragen. Deswegen bieten wir auch stehts eine Handpan Ratenzahlung an.


We love the variety of sound worlds that create handpans, pantams and sound sculptures. Every instrument - if not standardized mass production - is an incomparable, unique wonder of sound.
Some have a short sustain, others have a long reverberation. Some have a soft timbre, others a more powerful one. Some are dry, others are full-bodied in sound. Some sound spherical, others have an audible resonance. Each of our hand pans has its own character and is incomparably unique; as versatile as we humans are.

We believe that there is the right player for every instrument and the right instrument for every player. In our experience, it is important to have a wide selection to compare, in order to find the sound that suits your taste. We love the diversity of mankind, our instruments and the variety of playing styles and styles that arise when man and singing steel meet.

The sound decides:

Maybe you have already asked yourself why our instruments do not carry brand names. Are there no known manufacturers behind them?
Our network includes established and lesser known artists - but they all know their craft. We do not believe in competition between brands, but in the uniqueness of the sound quality of each serious and experienced sound sculptor. We see ourselves as a community, which is why we take the competition out of our joint online shop.

You will also find that the right instrument can be found through the sound and less through the brand name. Listen through our online assortment or visit one of our local representatives and let the sound convince you.

But if you are still looking for a specific manufacturer, please contact us. We will then let you know if we have their instruments in our assortment.

Fast, reasonably priced, qualitative:

We know how difficult it has been up to now to obtain a good instrument promptly and at reasonable prices. We ourselves have faced the same challenge in the past. We are therefore very pleased that we can make a contribution to making handpans easier and cheaper to obtain. Through our hire-purchase service, even those who would otherwise find it economically difficult to obtain their favourite instrument directly have the opportunity to do so.